History of the KulturQuartier

In 1887, a museum opened in Leoben called the “Local Museum for the Political District of Leoben”. Since then it has developed from a small local museum into a key part of the cultural area in Styria.

The Kunsthalle was built for the 1997 “made in Styria” regional exhibition in Leoben, and has become a venue for major cultural and historical exhibitions that have attracted over 1.3 million Austrian and international visitors.

In 2004, the MuseumsCenter Leoben was created, covering a total of 1,200 sqm of exhibition space on the premises of the historic Jesuit monastery and in an annexe constructed after the regional exhibition.  The second largest museum in Styria houses a fascinating permanent exhibition about the city of Leoben’s history.

Finally, in 2020, the Leoben Public Library found its new, spacious location in what is now the KulturQuartier.

Various actors and actresses and the KulturQuartier Team welcome their Open Day guests

Open Day at the KulturQuartier 2022; picture: Foto Freisinger