The mystery of old chests


6 to 12

Type & duration

Educational activity: 60 minutes


EUR 3 per child

What you will be doing

In the past, craftspeople showed their pride in their professions by forming their own clubs, called “guilds”. Traditions were very important to them too. At the museum we’ve collected a lot of documents, chests and guild signs, and you can take a very close look at them.

You can even touch some of the items they made. With white gloves on, of course! Discover more about what work was once like for bakers, tailors and shoemakers.

Matching Creative Workshop

This workshop goes very well with the following creative workshop:


All our workshops and creative workshops take place with advance registration for groups of at least 6 children. You can also combine them with other workshops from our MUSEUM FOR KIDS programme. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to help!