2017: Hoffnungs(t)raum PHANTASTISCH/ FANTASTIC Art

On show from May to September 2017

A journey through Fantastic Art

In 2017, Kunsthalle Leoben presented selected examples of “fantastic” art from national and international museums and collections in an exhibition called “Hoffnungs(t)raum PHANTASTISCH”. Never before had this art form been presented in such abundance and complexity.

Stars of the “Fantastic”

Based on historical development, this fascinating show presented fantastic art as a holistic form of experience together with inspiring insights, blurring the boundaries between reality and what is imaginable. The art on show – loans from the Albertina, the Austrian Gallery at the Belvedere, the Museum of Military History, Wien Museum, Landesmuseum Burgenland and various art collectors and institutions – featured the stars of fantastic art. Visitors enjoyed a unique exhibition created from the interaction between dream, hope and reality.