2019: Eiszeitsafari/ Ice Age Safari

On show from May to November 2019

This exhibition took visitors on an extraordinary and exciting journey back in time – to an era when herds of mammoths and woolly rhinos roamed the land of this region, when cave lions were among the most dangerous predators, and even wolves were in awe of giant deer and their antlers.

Visitors were taken on a safari to experience what life was like 30,000 to 15,000 years ago, face to face with the giants of the last Ice Age. They saw how people hunted, what they cooked, what they did to entertain themselves in the evenings and where they slept – together with the most beautiful souvenirs of that time.

True-to-life animal reconstructions

With its intriguing and thrilling stories, the Eiszeitsafari exhibition offered a new perspective on Europe during the last Ice Age: as a time traveller from today. It showed us some extraordinary animals and what everyday life was like for the people of that time. Two “travel terminals”, more than 60 highly realistic animal reconstructions, skeletons, taxidermy and interactive elements made this exhibition a very special experience for young and old.

Multimedia guide system

Using a multimedia guide system (in different versions tailored to children and adults), visitors could listen to stories and secrets shared by “eyewitnesses”, diving deeper into the past. Their journey was accompanied by an Ice Age Travel Guide and a booklet for children as a reminder of their safari adventure back in time.